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We are launching a network of businesses starting July 2022 with a monthly event for up to 1,000 people every last Saturday.
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Joining our community

All Members Receives
• Affiliate Link to Earn More Cash
• Sub-Domain (
• 1st Brunch
• Free Consulting
• Business Cards
• Access our VIP Lounge


Q. When I pay to join what happens then?
A. Your membership is pooled with other members to help build more businesses.

Q. Can I get a full refund any time?
A. Refund is only given if we have not officially launched the business. However one you start receiving monthly payments and using the benefits a refund cannot be issued.


Q. Is my membership in the business the same as stock ownership?
A. No, the business income is only revenues generated by the business and is given to members for a time.

Q. Will I be able to invest by purchasing stock in any of the businesses?
A. After 2027 all members will have to purchase stocks at the market value at a discounted rate.

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1. Payments to partners are made on the 30th of each monthly.

2. Each transaction (Sale) produced daily 25% is reserve into an account to be split for 1,000 participants.

3. If a participant holds one or more memberships, then the participants will get paid for the total number of memberships he or she holds.

Membership Fee Requirement

Three Options to Get Onboard
• Register for Auto pay $99 per Year
• Pay as you go monthly $500 down
• Pay in full $5,000 Instant Full Benefits

when can i get my payments

If you pay for platinum full, then you will start receiving $208 per month for life.
If you auto pay or pay as you go, then you will only have accessed to shared revenues every quarter plus other benefits.

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Refund of membership

Refund is not allowed after you start receiving payments and benefits. However you can put in a request and wait up to 90 days to be refunded a portion of your membership based on how long you have been receiving payments.

Membership ROI

Your membership of $5,000 will produce $2,500 per year for 10 years at a monthly payment of $208

This does not include other benefits such as
* Free business services (Up to $5,000/Year)
* Quarterly Revenues Payout

Financial Reports

You will receive financial reports from 4 companies
Each business has DBA's which will be included in the sales records.